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A History of Trust

History Charles EdwardOriginating from England, Mr Charles Devenish arrived in Australia in 1959 via Calcutta with only 25 cents in his pocket, working as a mess boy on a Norwegian freighter.

His vision and jewellery empire began in 1963 in Perth, Western Australia. It was Charles’ passion to create original handcrafted masterpieces in his exclusive Perth jewellery house, from the best locally and internally sourced exquisite jewels.

In 1997, Mr Devenish desired to pass on his legacy, hand-selecting Edward Eramanis as his successor, due to Mr Eramanis’ dedication, passion and vision to develop the brand as one of Perth’s leading jewellers.

Jewellery design history 2In 1999, Charles Edward Jewellers was born, keeping the elegance of the past forged with the passion and creativity of the future.

Mr Edward Eramanis, has been in the jewellery and diamond business for over 30 years, awarded an Honorary Ambassador from the Antwerp Diamond Council. His family name is synonymous with a past legacy of fine jewellers.

Inspired Jewellery Collections

Uniquely placed at the doorstep of two of the world’s most sought after jewellery wonders: Argyle and Broome in Western Australia, Charles Edward Jewellers offer a stunning range of inspired jewellery, as well as a custom design service to create bespoke pieces for you.diamond rings 2

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We would like to highlight some of our special collections which include:

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